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My 08 4runner vibrates when accelerating at a certain speed then stops. It doesn't do it all the time, sometimes when accelerating at a low speed sometimes at a high speed or not at all What could be the problem, Thanks! Dobbie answered about a year ago. Toyota Tacoma and similar models have an issue with a vibration on acceleration!

Toyota does not have a definite answer for the problem but from what i have been finding out its replace the drive shaft to It doesn't do it all the time, sometimes when accelerating at a low speed sometimes at a high speed or not at all What could be It feels like I am going over a rumble strip and only happens when going uphill.

Stops if I take my foot off the gas. I just purchased a Toyota 4Runner and am having serious trouble It also has some trouble accelerating on a hill. Have tried pushing th So my odometer works, and my trip meter. Temp gauge seems to work, fuel gauge works fine, but my speedo needle doesn't move at all, and when I'm idling my tach needle sits on 0, but when I drive i About a week ago my 4 runner started making rubbing grinding sounds coming from the front.

It makes the vehicle vibrate. When I start slowing down and brake the sound goes away. It does not make this Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies.

Vibration when accelerating. Report Follow. Mark helpful. Your Answer:. Upload Photo Photo optional.Remember Me? Site Navigation. I know there are a lot of threads about vibration when accelerating, but I can't seem to find any that sound similar to my issue. I have a Limited with k miles and have just recently begun experiencing what I would call a light vibration, which I can feel in the steering wheel, when slowly accelerating. It feels as though it is coming from the front end, but I'm not positive.

It occurs at around 30 to 35 MPH. It only lasts a few seconds if I keep accelerating. I do not feel the vibration at all if I quickly accelerate. There is no vibration when slowing down. I have had the tires balanced, but the vibration is still present. DC runner. Could be a engine mount or other physical vibration elimination device. The v8 has a large counter weight and I would imagine if that was bad you would notice it.

The V6 will have a more noticeable engine vibration and if a mount or other isolation device body mount is bad you might be noticing it. It could also be the tranny. At low speeds, the torque and engine vibration are resonating through the tranny? Just a couple of suggestions. It is a v6. Would a bad engine mount be visible noticeable? Like I said, I am just spit balling.

Your power steering system could be bad.

How to Diagnose and Replace Universal Joints (ULTIMATE Guide)

I know that the power steering pump is under pressure and that you need the system the most the slower you go. You could be getting some feedback in the steering system from it. If a mount were bad, then yea, sometimes you can see the engine "hop" in the bay.Sign In with Edmunds. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here.

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August edited July in Toyota. I have a 4Runner that has recently developed a vibration at freeway speeds. I purchased new tires about two months before the vibration started. I have been back to the place where I bought my tires and the assure me that they are balanced.

I have been dealing with this problem for the past couple of months and have been getting nowhere. When I took my 4Runner into the dealership to get the lower ball joint replaced I spoke with the service folks about the vibration problem and all I got in response was "we've never heard of that before".

I guess that I'm looking for any ideas or experiences as to what the problem might be.

toyota 4runner vibration when accelerating

August Is the vibration felt through the steering wheel, back-end of the truck or throughout the whole vehicle? It could be a number of things but since you say it happens at "highway speeds", it sounds like it could be a driveshaft issue. Is there any noise i. Check the front driveshafts and CV joints, rear driveshaft and u-joints and mounts. It's rather difficult to diagnose over the net but these are a few things to look at. Good luck!

The vibration is felt through the steering wheel and also to a lesser degree the rest of the vehicle. It starts at about 60 mph and isn't constant. Meaning that the vibration varies in intensity. There aren't any noises associated with the vibration. I've tried to experiment a little with acceleration and decelaration and it might get a little worse during acceleration but it is difficult to tell.

Anyway, thanks for the help.My Toyota 4Runner trembles every time I accelerate. It has progressively gotten worse What could be the problem? I'm guessing it's either the catalytic converter or the U joint. Any thoughts?? That's kinda vague, but i'll give it a shot. A vibration on acceleration is generally a drive line issue, which would most likely be a bad universal joint. If it's more of what we call a "fish bite" feeling, then you probably have a misfire somewhere in the engine.

On an 02 4Runner an engine misfire, and a problematic catalytic convertor should throw a code, and in turn make the check engine light come on. I have seen times when a vehicle had a miss, but the vehicle didn't know it had one, so the check engine light never came on.

I wouldn't think it's a catalytic convertor problem, but I've been wrong at least once or twice before. Good Luck. Kurt answered 7 years ago. Hello, well i pretty much agree with the above statement. I first ask if the check engine light is on? If you dont want to go to a shop just yet, Autozone will read the codes from your computer for free.

Then let me know what code it has. Your description is a bit vague. If you have a misfire, it is probably in need of simple regular maintenance in the form of a tune up, spark plugs and wires. How long have you been driving it this way? If a car has a misfire, the unburned fuel will travel into the exhaust system, and into the converter where it will be burned, and if you keep driving it that way, the converter gets hotter than it is designed for, it will actually turn bright red and glow as it is about to melt and causes a sever fire risk.

Other things that may cause a tremble, if it is in the driveline, driveshaft support bearing, i wouldn't suggest u-joint because that should be felt any time the car is moving, not just accelerating, maybe the transmission is shuttering, have you checked the fluid to make sure it is full?

I have 2 4Runners, one withmiles and my daily driver hasmiles now. They are excellent vehicles, with not so excellent fuel mileage. I had a similar problem on my '91 4Runner when I bought it I found two problems: 1 There was a vacuum leak in my intake tube due to aftermarket parts being installed incorrectly and it was driving the MAF sensor crazy and 2 Someone had put AC Delco spark plugs in instead of NGK Lastly, the TPS can be adjusted but a little dab will do you A Haynes manual will walk you through the adjustment if you have a voltmeter.Remember Me?

Site Navigation. Please help, Vibration only while accelerating. I have a 97 4runner SR5 2wd. My favorite vehicle ever! I bought it with 80,miles and now havemiles. Ive only done tune ups and oil changes up until last month when i put in a new radiator, time belt, water pumppulleys, and all that. Drives great until Friday. I got off the free way on the way to work and it felt like i was driving over lines on the road when i got to about 20 MPH.

After driving it home later that day i found that it vibrates like that any time i give it gas. If I'm doing 70 it vibrates and feels like its kinda grogging down. If i let go of the gas peddle the vibration goes away and its smooth.

toyota 4runner vibration when accelerating

As soon as i give it gas and i feel it accelerate everything vibrates. RPM is about so it good. And it shifts fine. And in park or nutral it runs great and smooth with gas. My tires are due to be rotated so my thought is to do that and balance first but riding smooth at 70mph while no gas tells me its not that.

Stearing wheel vibrates but dosnt shacke, and i dont get a shake when i use the brakes. I feel the vibrate in the gas peddle, on the automatic gear shift and the mirror gets fuzzy from vibrateing.

Maybe drive line balance or u joints? A little extra info was the day before i heard a snap underneath or something not to heavy hitting underneath the truck. I drive an hour and a half to work on the freeway so once in a while i get some type if garbage underneath or a lug nut from another car.

When i hear the noise i looked in my mirror and didn't see anything in the road. I then drove an hour to work, And hour and half back home and a hour and a half back to work before noticing this problem. Maybe just a coincidence? I have to drive back to work on Tuesday and I'm low on cash till Wed.

But I'm very worried about driving it. Right now I'm going to pull the drive line and look at it for Blank spots weight broke off maybe and loose u joints though i don't really know what to look for if there bad Any help?

Last edited by toddsemail; at PM. Reason: Spell check Find More Posts by toddsemail Yup, sounds like a legit fix to me. Member's Picture Albums. U-joint is a good possibility. If all you've done in K miles are oil changes and tune-ups, I would highly recommend servicing your tranny and diff.

How's the fluid levels in those? Hopefully it's a u-joint, but without service for that long, I suspect blown rear end. My 2wd V6 is doing the same thing. I got te tires balanced and rotated yesterday it was due anyways and that did not change a thing.I have had 3 Tacoma's, one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. This is the first problem I have had with any of them.

Just wanted to know the fix for it. Probably over KM in all 3 Tacoma's. It's a nice truck with lots of power. It drives tight and true. I keep it maintained at the dealer. Currently has 72, kilometers. When it is cold there is an annoying rattle from the front. It appears to occur under power and stops when the truck warms up or when the weather is warm.

I have had the truck in to two different dealers on three separate occasions and they can't find anything. I left the truck with Southgate Toyota in Edmonton for a week and they still couldn't find anything. They did things like was the mud out of the fenders????? This problem is not going away. It may be getting worse. Has anyone experienced the same thing?

Did they get it fixed?

Toyota 4Runner Vibrations

Is there a solution? The vibration can be felt through the seat and steering wheel. Contacted Toyota Customer Service and was told the warranty is black and white and nothing could be done. Just 2 weeks past the 3 year mark and well under the 36, miles and nothing could be done? It started with a squeak, then a vibration when accelerating, dealer replaced the drive-shaft and problem went away. I purchased my Toyota Tacoma V6 automatic brand new.

It is a stock model with no modifications. The truck has always been driven responsibly on paved roads and never been off road. The tow package that came with it has never been used. The truck has been strictly serviced at the Toyota dealership I bought it from.There is no substitute for experts in a field, parsing information and serving as the arbiters of truth, and reifying our faith in a shared reality, a shared body of facts.

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My 2002 Toyota 4Runner trembles every time I accelerate.

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My 2002 Toyota 4Runner trembles every time I accelerate.

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toyota 4runner vibration when accelerating

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